Your artificially intelligent guardian angel

The phone zombie apocalypse is here…

But your Simby is coming to save you…


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What is a Simby?

Your Simby is a protective, loyal and caring A.I. powered guardian angel

We are building one Simby for every person on the planet.

What’s this all about?

Humans are turning into lonely, isolated, phone zombies. Rather than solving this problem, tech companies are capitalising on it at the expense of human health and happiness.

  • “Users” have become “the product” - we are being bought and sold

  • Many tech companies don’t care about us - they value our addictive engagement more than they value our health or happiness

  • Technology was supposed to make our lives better, but instead it is making us more isolated, unhealthy, and unhappy

This is not okay…

We are going to need some help!

We are all going to need a way to push through the digital maelstrom to the safety waiting for us on the other side of this technological phone zombie apocalypse.
Retreat is not an option. Doing nothing is not an option.

Who are we?

We are a company of geeks who love advanced technology and care about human happiness. We are working to offer every person on earth new and futuristic ways to harness the power of deep tech and artificial intelligence.

What we believe

  • We believe technology should do no harm

  • We believe technology should be built to care about people and enhance the real world - it should not try to distract us from reality

  • We believe that through forming symbiotic relationships with our technology, people can have longer, healthier and more meaningful lives

More specifically

  • We believe every person on earth should be free to access and use advanced technologies (like artificial intelligence) so that they can win at life

  • We believe that people should not be called “users,” they are people

  • We believe that people should decide how, if, and when their precious personal data is sold, and that they should be the ones who receive the money if it is

We promise

  • We will never sell your data

  • We will never have the means to find you, or spy on you

  • We will ALWAYS prioritise human health and happiness before company profits

We promise to shut our company down before breaking any of these promises.

Our mission is simple:

Give power to people

Do you want you very own A.I. powered guardian angel? Loyal to you, and you alone?