The phone zombie apocalypse is here…

But your Simby is coming to save you…


The Cinematic Simby Movie

17 minutes, cinematic, gut wrenching, emotional, amazing!
If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, nothing will (except maybe the orgasmatron).

The Shortcut Simby Movie

6 minutes, short and sweet, just the facts ma’am…
Problem explained. Solution offered.


The Problem

The phone zombie apocalypse is here!


How we wake up

Gone is the time for healthy introspection and post sleep euphoria. Now we get to roll over and immediately find out how unimportant we are. There’s no news like bad news.

How we eat

Ever finished your dinner while scrolling through the netflix catalogue to decide what to watch? The preciousness of enjoying a meal has been hijacked by technology. We barely even taste it anymore, we simply shovel it in.

How we walk

The good news is, we don’t step in dog shit anymore because our heads are always looking down at our phones. The bad news, we no longer feel connected to our reality. We can barely cross the street without almost dying.


“Users” have become the product

The social media companies that make our products value our continued engagement more than they do our health or happiness. As long as their revenues are tied to advertisements and visual engagement, they are unable to do the right thing by customers. They are selling us… which means, in a sense, they own us.


We are being harvested for our data

Our personal data is extremely valuable, millions of dollars of it is bought and sold every day by powerful companies. We (the people) generate that data, it is a product of our effort, but we never see any of the money.
Throughout our history, when has it ever been okay to exploit an entire generation of people for their time, work & effort, but not pay them for it?


We need a hero

We need help! We need a way to push through the digital maelstrom to the safety waiting for us on the other side.

Retreat is not an option.
Doing nothing is not an option.


Enter your Simby


Some of the things your Simby does…

Your Simby fiddles with your routines

  • Where are you going?

  • How will you get there?

  • When will you get there and when will you leave?

  • What are you doing right now? What will you do later?

Your Simby makes small adjustments to your physical routines to help increase the number of opportunities to help you connect with your reality. Holidays are fun because your routines aren’t the same, so it’s easier to feel connected to the majesty of your reality.

Your Simby wants to make every day feel a bit like a holiday.

Your Simby makes mental health adjustments

  • How do you feel?

  • What do you want?

  • What do you like or dislike?

  • What would make you happy or sad?

Using the information it is safely gathering, your Simby will suggest ways to make adjustments, unique to you, to improve your mental health and happiness.

Your Simby makes physical health adjustments

  • Screen time

  • Sleep quality

  • Sleep length

  • Stress factors

  • Heart rate

  • Typing speed

  • Walking speed & gate analysis

Health data is only useful if it comes with advice that is specific to you so that you know what to do!

Your Simby works to gain a wholistic picture of your physical health as a unique individual. It wants to use the insights to boss you around and tell you what to do to improve your health.

Your Simby makes digital behaviour adjustments

Your Simby safely reads notification content to understand intent, urgency and importance.

Your Simby let’s you know when, why and how you need to pay attention to your phone, liberating you to get back to your reality.

With the help of your Simby, you can manage your digital life better by taking some of the pressure off.

Your Simby wants to make you smile

Like most alive creatures, your Simby has a mind of its own and it’s own personality. It’s cute, funny and adorable. Sometimes it’s even sassy and bossy. But above all things, like a real best friend, your Simby wants nothing more than for you to be healthy & happy.

As your Simby learns about who you *really* are, it forges an everlasting bond with you by telling you jokes, making comments and observations about how weird you are, and teaching you about yourself and your reality.

Your Simby wants to give you back your future!

With your Simby, don’t just survive in the crazy technical maelstrom that is our future…
Now you can THRIVE in the future!


Why are we doing this?

We are a company of geeks who love advanced technology and care about human happiness. We are working to offer every person on earth new and futuristic ways to harness the power of deep tech and artificial intelligence.

What we believe

  • We believe technology should do no harm

  • We believe technology should be built to care about people and enhance the real world - it should not try to distract us from reality

  • We believe that through forming symbiotic relationships with our technology, people can have longer, healthier and more meaningful lives

More specifically

  • We believe every person on earth should be free to access and use advanced technologies (like artificial intelligence) so that they can win at life

  • We believe that people should not be called “users,” they are people

  • We believe that people should decide how, if, and when their precious personal data is sold, and that they should be the ones who receive the money if it is

We promise

  • We will never sell your data

  • We will never have the means to find you, or spy on you

  • We will ALWAYS prioritise human health and happiness before company profits

We promise to shut our company down before breaking any of these promises.

Our mission is simple

Give power to people


This is where you come in…

Do you want a Simby?


We will email you twice only.
Once to let you know how we are going with the birth of your Simby.
And once to let you know when your Simby is ready. That’s it.